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Offload your security deposit process with Rentable.

Rentable makes security deposits easier for property managers, owners, and residents.

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What is Rentable?

Rentable is an industry leading security deposit management platform that allows you to automate your security deposit process while making for a better tenant experience.


compliance tools

Compliance tools

Leverage our proprietary technology to navigate local, state and national regulations

deposit management

Deposit Management

Automate the deposit intake and refund process

financial amenities

Financial amenties

Allow residents to build credit, save money, and pay their deposit over time

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Rentable integrates seamlessly with Rent Manager

  • Install

    Search for Rentable in Integrations Marketplace and request activation
  • Invite prospects

    Invite Prospects to pay their deposits
  • Automate the rest

    Automatically generate accounts and documentation


  • “We love Rentable. It's great for our company. Our whole accounting team, leasing team, and everybody has really just enjoyed taking out the security deposit process from our operations.

    - Tana Weissman, Chief Operating Officer, The Broadway Company



  • “The entire process of creating a tenant-specific account and receiving confirmation letters and account opening statements is so much easier as I don't need to go into the bank and waste time.  The process is nearly instantaneous, which is a huge improvement from the old days.”

    - Ray Hurteau, Principal, RH Investment Group



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