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Flexible Deposit Options that fit your renting needs

Moving costs add up. To help reduce the costs of your move in process, we encourage our most qualified renters to take advantage of Rentable’s flexible deposit options.

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when you want it

No need to pay thousands upfront to move in. Residents have the option to pay their security deposit over 3, 6, or 12 months.

Rentable will use open banking to qualify you for Depositbuilder. If you prefer you can pay a traditional cash security deposit through our easy-to-use platform.

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Increase Transparency over your deposit funds

No need to wonder where your money is. Track your funds throughout your lease term, see where your deposit funds are held, and get a detailed breakdown of any deductions at the end of the lease.

Electronic Payment & Retrieval

By using Rentable, you receive your cash security deposit back 10x faster at the end of your lease. No more checks, forwarding addresses or snail mail.

No need to spend it all at once:
Add Flexibility, Avoid Hassle

Rentable users take advantage of flexible payment plans and smooth out their spending and use the rest of their deposits for savings, investments or pay off other expenses. Learn more at

Why DepositBuilder?
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"The financial aspect of moving in is really stressful for me and my friends... When I saw that I could pay my deposit in installments... It was such a sigh of relief and so helpful for me."



Spread your payments out with rentable